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At Katz Law LLC, we do things a little differently.  Our fresh approach delivers affordable and effective representation.  We offer unbundled legal services and flat-fee payment options.  Katz Law LLC encourages mediation and collaborative decision making.  These methods of dispute resolution allow clients greater control over the process and the outcome and therefore greater satisfaction.


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A Holistic Law Studio Where You Will Feel The Difference

Peaceful solutions to difficult family issues

At Katz Law LLC, we are a new kind of law firm for a more humane world.  We don't have a fancy marble floored office with mahogany desks and hanging chandeliers.  Instead, our simple and fluid law studio allows us to keep overhead costs low.  We purposely limit our caseload so that we can give each person the time and attention they deserve.  Our holistic approach considers the whole person and whole family as a way of finding balanced, long term solutions.  We are sensitive, patient, and professional.  Katz Law LLC welcomes non-traditional families and respects diversity.  When children are involved, we make their safety and well-being paramount.  We value close working relationships and strive for creative, peaceful solutions to ensure healthy family functioning.